Rewards Club - Enjoy Free Readings

What is Rewards Club?

Rewards Club is a loyalty programme that allows Psychics Connect clients to earn points and enjoy fabulous benefits such as free readings and exclusive offers.

How does Rewards Club work?

Rewards Club membership is FREE and it's easy to join. When you book a reading the initial minutes are accrued to reach the target of 200 minutes. For example, 10 twenty-minute readings or 20 ten-minute readings equal 200 minutes.

When reached, you will receive a FREE reading. The duration of your free reading will be calculated based on your average reading duration over the period.


If you have 10 twenty-minute readings, without extra minutes: 10 x 20 = 200 total minutes divided by 10 readings = 20 Free Minutes

If you have 10 twenty-minute readings and every reading extends to 38 minutes: 10 x 38 = 380 total minutes divided by 10 readings = 38 Free Minutes

How do I claim my FREE reading?

Your account will automatically be credited with free minutes. You can use your free minutes in one sitting or enjoy several shorter readings whenever you want.

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The best time to practice meditation is in the morning. So you can start your day with a lighter mood and a calmer mind. Here is a simple meditation guide that you can practice before you start your day.

Psychics Connect Blog * Before the sun rises, have a nice shower or bath using your favourite products, dry and dress in a loose fitting form of clothing.

* Making sure you have only had a sip of water, take yourself in to the garden or your local park.

* Sit facing east, and begin to see the sun rise. As the sun's rays start to form, raise your hands up over your head, and make them into the shape of an Ark (going from one point to another, palms touching).

* Feel the sun's rays filling your body with joy, warmth, and love. Imagine that the little ark you have made connects you with the glorious sun.

* You may take down your ark any time you feel you are personally ready to. Simply move your palms away from each other in a fluid graceful movement, thanking the sun for the new morning at the same time, and place them back down by your sides.

* After you feel ready to go back into your abode, please make sure you ground yourself with a warm drink and something light and wholesome to eat.

There are a lot more ways to meditate. You can do eat standing up or sitting down; at your own home or at a park near you; and you can also find a meditation partner or group to find companionship while doing your practice. But no matter how you do it, wherever you are or who you're with in your practice, all it takes is dedication to achieve a better health and improved well-being.

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